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Our sales range from new and used Coordinate Measuring Machines, Software Up-Grades on Manual and CNC CMM machines. Read more...

About Us

Verify, Calibrate and adjust the geometry and accuracy in all three axes.     Read more...


Everett Watrous, an inspired metrology industry professional, founded CMM Systems, Inc. in 1986.     Read more...

About us


Everett Watrous, an inspired metrology industry professional, founded CMM Systems, Inc. in 1986. The company performs calibration and service on Coordinate Measuring Machine’s and Optical Comparators. As the years have passed, the company has grown to include a wide range of services for their customers. These services include the sale of all Renishaw products, retrofitting CMM’s with Caliper Designs DOS based PC-DRO and their Windows based system 3D-Workshop. Since 1998 CMM Systems, Inc. has expanded their service to include Comparators, Microscopes, and various optical measuring devices. With this expansion, came the GEO DRO-2 computer based hardware package for 2-axis measuring devices. GEO DRO-2 has electronic alignment and part graphics all packed into a standard DRO counter box. The most recent software innovation we are offering is Nikon Metrology’s CMM-Manager software package for Manual and DCC CMM’s. This Software offers far more than many of the leading software packages. Now, you truly can integrate your CAD Software with your CMM Software. This forms a seamless bond allowing for complete integration from Manufacturing to Quality Control. In 1998, CMM Systems, Inc. also stepped into the used CMM machine sales market. Each system is refurbished and retrofitted with Nikon Metrology’s CMM-Manager software package. In addition, we have expanded our services to offer NEW CMM’s from Nikon Metrology.

CMM Systems, Inc. is an Accredited Laboratory through Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. and is compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and the latest ISO/IEC 17025:2017, Accreditation #66788.

What does the future hold for CMM Systems, Inc.? The company president, Everett Watrous says, “We will continue to expand into all areas of the United States and abroad offering the very best in service and quality.”